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Amernis Nokshiqi Jovanovska


At the moment, she is one of the most important actresses in Macedonia.
In her acting career longer than 15 years, she has achieved over 50 roles in theater, television and the film. Her theater career marks collaborations with directors like Slobodan Unkovski, Vladimir Milchin, Ivan Popovski and many others. The theater performances that she plays in have been part in many theater festivals around the world: Belgrade, Sarajevo, Prishtina, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Cairo, Krakow, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Paris, Istanbul, Bursa and others. During her career she won many national and international awards for best actress.

She received the award for best female leading role for the film "I Wanted to See the Sun" by Dzevat Choraj (2004), the award for best supporting actress on the festival "Vojdan Cernodrinski" (2011), the award for best actress in a leading role on the festival "Vojdan Chernodrinski" (2013), the award for best actress in a leading role on the festival "Flaka e Janarit" in Kosovo and many others.

Since 2008 she is part of the campaign "Embrace a Friend" which aims is to support all women fighting against breast cancer.

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