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Darja Rizova


She started working on many projects while she was studying and after graduation she became part of the ensemble of the Macedonian National Theatre where in recent years has been one of the most important actors. Despite her significant achievements in the Macedonian National Theatre she is constantly active on the independent theater stage and she is the winner of the award for best actress in a leading role on the festival "Vojdan Chernodrinski" (2015), the award "Golden Ladybug of Popularity" for best young actress (2015), the award for best young actress on the festival "Vojdan Chernodrinski" (2014), and the award Adriana for best actress on “Skena Up” festival in Prishtina (2008).

Her most important roles are in the following performances: “Private Confessions” Macedonian National Theatre directed by Nina Nikolikj; "Uncle Vanya” Macedonian National Theatre directed by Zoja Buzalkovska; "Electra” Macedonian National Theatre Andry Zoldak; "The Blue Bird” Macedonian National Theatre directed by Zlatko Slavenski; "The Eternal House" Macedonian National Theatre directed by Dejan Projkovski; "Miss Julie" Macedonian National Theatre directed by Saulius Varnas; "Fool for Love" Youth Cultural Center – YCC/Cultural Center CK directed by Nina Nikolikj; "Sex, Lies and Wild Geese" Circle Production and Youth Cultural Center directed by Nina Nikolikj; "Class Enemy Wonderland" Theatre directed by Vasil Hristov, "Spinosa" Drama Theatre - Skopje directed by Zoja Buzalkovska, "Betrayal" Cultural Center CK directed by Nina Nikolikj. 

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