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Andrijana Atanasova, Leona Tanaskovska & Stefanija Lefterovska


Team members:

Nina Dean, Simon Simonovski, Angela Apostolova & Tea Ilieva


Boris Kajevski

With the support of: POC - Municipal Center, Peripetija Production

Premiere 20 June 2017

in Macedonian National Theater (Big Stage)

Duration: 60min

Generation X

Generation X
(Annual concert/Performance/Choreography)

At the end of each school year, The Ballet Studio Rebis performs its traditional annual concert in which all regular members take part. It is a spectacular event attended by most famous dancers, actors, and celebrities in Macedonia.

"Generation X" is a performance/choreography about childhood in the 21st century. It analyses the influence of technology, fashion, the Internet on children. The aim of the performance is to ask a question but also to offer an answer. It is a multi-visual show, with educational characters for both children and adults.

The funds from the sold tickets were donated for 21-year-old Nikola Kolev, for a medical treatment abroad.

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