Ivana Karanfilovska Ugurovska
Costume Designer

Ivana Karanfilovska Ugurovska was born on 07.03.1986 in Skopje.

She graduated on the department of graphic arts on the on the Faculty of Fine Arts – Skopje.

Her career since graduation is focused on theatrical costume design. As costume designer she has many institutional and independent theater projects and recently her work is a refreshing for the Macedonian theater. Among her most important theater projects are: "Pinocchio and Little Red Riding Hood Searching for the Lamp of Aladdin" (2011) in National Cultural Center Trajko Prokopiev in Kumanovo; "Sex, Lies and Wild Geese" (2012) based on the play Old Seybrook in production of Circle Production and the Youth Cultural Center; "The Pelican" (2012) project of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweeden and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts – Skopje, "Eurydice" (2013) in Drama Theater – Skopje; "Mad Forest" (2014) in the Youth Cultural Center – Skopje, Private Confessions (2015), Macedonian National Theatre.