Nina Nikolikj



Nina Nikolikj was born in 1987 in Skopje. She graduated Theater Directing on the Faculty of Dramatic Arts – Skopje in the class of Professor Slobodan Unkovski. She postgraduated on the same faculty in 2014. At the moment she works as Theater Director at the Macedonian National Theater. Since 2012 she is member of the artistic council of the Open Youth Theater Festival.

She staged the following performances: Othello (2019) a co-production between Peripetija Production, Macedonian National Theatre and Bosnian National Theatre Zenica, The Seagull (2018) a production of Macedonian National Theatre, The Powder Keg (2018) a co-production between Bosnian National Theatre and Skopje Film Studio, Belgrade Trilogy (2017) in production of Peripetija Production, Private Confessions (2015) by Ingmar Bergman in production of Skopje Film Studio and Macedonian National Theatre, Mad Forest (2014) by Cheryl Churchill in the Youth Cultural Center, Eurydice (2013) by Sarah Ruhl in Drama Theater – Skopje, The Pelican (2012) by August Strindberg project of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts – Skopje, Sex, Lies and Wild Geese (2012) based on the play Old Seybrook by Woody Allen in production of Circle Production and the Youth Cultural Center; Trembling (2011) in National Cultural Center Jordan Hadzi Konstantinov Dzinot in Veles and many other. 

At the moment she is working on her new performance, The Seagull by Anton Pavlovic Cekhov, at the Macedonian National Theatre, 

The director’s style of Nina Nikolikj, according to the performances that she has already staged in the last three-four years is provoked or dedicated to the essential, deep human emotions. The base is love and whether she brings problems or not – this is what her performances speak about. That means that she is in search of one of the emanating states of the human life: the love of all kinds, the love of man towards man.