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Petar Kochishki

Cinematographer, Lighting Designer & Photographer

He graduated with a degree in Cinematography from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts Skopje.


For 12 years he has been working as a Cameraman at the Macedonian Radio Television, and in the past years, being a freelance artist, he has been engaged on multiple features and short movies, TV serials, music videos and commercial advertisements as a Cinematographer and Camera Operator. In the field of theatre, he has signed a number of projects as a Photographer and Lighting Designer.

Among his most important projects as Lighting Designer are: "Eurydice" (2013) Drama Theater – Skopje; "The nostalgium of a perforated kid", Ollie Ollie oxen free (2013) Youth Cultural Center; "Sex, Lies and Wild Geese" (2012) in production of Circle Production and the Youth Cultural Center; "The Pelican" (2012) project of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweeden and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts – Skopje; "District Hospital" (2012) National Cultural Center Trajko Prokopiev - Kumanovo; "Picnic on the Front" (2009) Faculty of Dramatic Arts Skopje; "Asleep" (2009) Faculty of Dramatic Arts Skopje.

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