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Sex, Lies and Wild Geese @Nina Nikolikj



Once you verbalize it (adultery, insult, a lie revealed), it cannot be erased or forgotten. This is the focus of the performance. 


Nina Nikolikj



Woody Allen


Cast List:

Sabina Ajrula Tozija

Petre Arsovski

Darja Rizova

Simona Spirovska

Blagoj Veselinov

Martin Jordanoski

Tina Trpkoska


Costume Designer:

Ivana Karanfilovska Ugurovska


Lighting Designer and Photographer:

Petar Kochishki


Poster Designer:

Ruse Arsov



Aleksandar Pejovski



Premiere 24 April 2012

Youth Cultural Center (Hall Frosina)

Duration: 80min

The performance Sex, Lies and Wild Geese, directed by Nina Nikolik, is based on the play Old Saybrook written by the legendary director, actor, stand-up comedian, clarinetist, writer, neurotic… Cast: Pero Arsovski (or the commander in Tattoo, Burger in Happy New Year ’49, Tase in Busava Azbuka, the kebabs expert in Dossier Skopje, etc.), Sabina Ajrula (or Vera in Shadows, Nikolina in Thirst, etc.) and the team of young professional actors – Blagoj Veselinov, Martin Jordanoski, Darja Rizova, Simona Spirovska, and Tina Trpkoska.

Once you verbalize it (adultery, insult, a lie revealed), it cannot be erased or forgotten. This is the focus of the performance. Regardless of whether they have brought about happiness or sadness, most of the things which have had any effect on our emotional intelligence are impossible to obliterate and they continue to affect our relationship with the one who has caused them.

Sex lies & wild geese
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