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Tamara Barachkov

Graduated dramaturgy on Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, in 2012. 
Plays and adaptations: 50 strikes (Atelje 212, Belgrade), The Cell (National Theatre Nis); Rosmersholm (adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s play, Belgrade Drama Theatre), Private Confessions (adaptation of Ingmar Bergman’s novel, National Theatre of Macedonia, Skopje); Amethyst (Radio Belgrade 1), The Bowl (adaptation of Yevgeny Zamyatin’s short story, Radio Belgrade 2). From 2013. she is a dramaturge on Radio-television of Serbia, where she worked as writer, dramaturge, journalist and theatre critic on various projects and television shows (Autoportret, Theatre in The Great War, Metropolis, Chronicles of BITEF festival). Her critiques and articles on theatre were published in Scena, Teatron, TFT, Politika and Danas, as well as in regional web-portals Kulturpunkt, SeeCult, Elektrobeton. Won Josip Kulundzich award of Faculty of Dramatic Arts for achievements in dramaturgy. 

Member of Association of Theatre Critics Serbia (AITC/IATC).

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