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Belgrade Trilogy @Peripetija Production


...A performance about the reasons people are leaving their countries, but also about the reality they are facing far away from home.


Nina Nikolikj


Biljana Srbljanovic

Cast list:

Grigor Jovanovski

Isidor Jovanoski

Dushica Nastova     
Sara Anastasovska

Sergej Dimovski

Dushica Treneva

Petar Stojanov

Costume Designer:

Ivana Karanfilovska Ugurovska


Davor Cherepnalkoski

Video & Photography:  

Petar Kochishki

Set Designer:

Vishnja Vujovic


Simona Spirovska


Dragana Lukan Nikoloski­


Darko Mladenovski

Premiere 05 June 2017

in Kino Kultura

Duration: 80min

Belgrade trilogy


By the end of 2013, 626,312 people moved from Macedonia. If we add the people that left the country in the past three years, the number will increase even more. Macedonia is among the 10 top countries from which citizens move forever, and among ten countries with the greatest intensity of "brain drain" in the period 2009 - 2013. Polls show that 85 percent of young people want to move out of the country due to unemployment and lack of opportunities for professional and personal advancement.


“In these bitter years, when young people leave their homeland and go abroad, in search of a job, a better life, or simply for self-realization, Nikolikj's production seems extremely topical for our social context […]”

”A bitter truth and a bitter state that identifies our present, which from the theater stage is another cry against and an appeal for us to stand in the way of this process of disintegration of Macedonia and its future. Belgrade trilogy is also a Macedonian Trilogy and a Skopje Тrilogy or a condition from any other emptied city/place in Macedonia.”

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