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Founder and Artistic Manager

Nina Nikolikj

Nina Nikolikj, born in 1987 in Skopje, is a Theatre Director with a Doctoral Degree in Theatre Art. She has directed numerous acclaimed productions and serves as the Artistic Manager of Peripetija since 2015. Nikolikj is also involved in international projects and has contributed to the strategic development of the performing arts through her various roles and collaborations.

Ivana Karanfilovski Ugorovska

Member of the Artistic Team

Ivana Karanfilovska Ugurovska

Ivana Karanfilovska Ugirovska, born in Skopje in 1986, is a highly accomplished costume designer. Her portfolio includes acclaimed work on diverse productions, showcasing her talent and creativity in the field. Her dedication to her craft is evident in every stitch and detail, with each costume reflecting a deep understanding of character, narrative, and aesthetics.


Member of the Artistic Team

Saša Handžić

Saša Handžić, born on April 30, 1979, graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo in 2007. He's been a member of the Bosnian National Theatre in Zenica since 2008, performing in numerous plays, radio dramas, TV series, and movies. Handžić has received awards for his acting at various theater festivals in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia.


Member of the Artistic Team

Maja Trajanoska Ivanovska

Maja Trajanoska Ivanovska, a skilled Interpreter/Translator from R. Macedonia, is renowned for her exceptional contributions to theater translation. With a Master's degree and proficiency in Macedonian, English, Serbian/Croatian, and Spanish, she excels in regional projects and EU initiatives. Her meticulous attention to detail and profound linguistic passion ensure translations of utmost quality.


Member of the Artistic Team

Blagoj Veselinov

Blagoj Veselinov, born on February 27, 1984, graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Skopje, at the University "St. Cyril and Methodius." He has been involved in numerous theater productions and has appeared in various films and TV series. Veselinov has received awards such as the Berlinale Shooting Stars Award in 2019.

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