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TRY – Theatre reconnecting with Youth is an international project realized by 5 partner organizations – Eho animato (Serbia), Peripetija (North Macedonia), ArtCanAct (Greece), Threepenny (Serbia) and ViceVersa (Czech Republic). TRY devises and tests new methods of transnational and cross-sectoral collaborations in order to encourage theater authors to create meaningful connections with their youth audiences. The premise is that art cannot be developed without its audience development and vice versa. Artists from 4 countries, together with youth audiences will engage in a 2 year long multidisciplinary creative research. Participative approach and gamification strategies will build the basis of the methodology. The mixed group of theater artists and youth participants will have multiple opportunities for live & digital exchange, creative workshops and gaining inputs from experts in different fields (anthropology, psychology, economy, design etc). Transnational working groups will creatively research the topic, share their experiences and map the creative process in a virtual co-lab, as well as within the 3 co-creations merging international creative teams & youth participants. The objectives are to contribute to the development of diverse models of communication between youth audiences and artists, as well as connecting European theater artists and organizations working with youth audiences and enhancing their capacities.

TRY is co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the EU.




They say it makes the world go round, that it doesn’t grow on trees and we shouldn’t play with it, but also that it can’t buy you happiness. So what is money? Have you ever thought about how money influences the way we perceive ourselves, each other, our societies, our planet? 

We invite you to TRY to answer these questions through creative workshops and collaboration with peers and artists from several countries. 

Creative tools and methods, as well as conversations with professionals from different fields, will be the entry points for this cross-disciplinary journey that will result in an artistic production in 2025. A group of 45 young people from Serbia, North Macedonia, and Greece will explore the concept of money and will TRY to develop their knowledge, express their creative skills, sharpen critical thinking, and engage in an international collaboration, during this 16-month-long project. A series of workshops, talks, and virtual collaborations will expand into professional artistic productions that will engage our creative, theoretical, and imaginative abilities. 

The entire program is free for the participants and will take place in Belgrade, Skopje, and Athens, as well as online. 

Through the TRY project, you will: 

– Gain knowledge and a better understanding of the subject of money through research and the scientific approach of 10 experts from various fields (anthropology, sociology, economics, design, etc.)

– Explore new creative skills with 10 creative and interactive performing arts workshops in Belgrade/Athens/Skopje with a variety of artists

– Participate in the Kick-off camp with peers and artists from 3 countries in Skopje, North Macedonia on August 27-31, 2024 with all expenses fully covered (travel, accommodation, food). All participants from Serbia, Greece, and North Macedonia will be involved in this camp. 

– Participate in the creation of an International Virtual Collaboration platform with peer groups from the 3 participant countries. 

– Participate in the Feedback Camp with peer groups from the 3 participant countries, which will take place in Belgrade, Serbia in 2025 (dates TBA) with all expenses fully covered.

– Be part of a unique creative process that will lead to professional artistic productions in 2025 in Belgrade, Skopje, and Athens

So, if you are: 

A high school student (15-18 years old)


Interested in the topic of money.

Fascinated by the arts (writing, performing, music, painting, DJing, video art, gaming etc.)

Ready to commit and participate in the project from August 2024 till March 2026 (twice a month, as well as during the camps and rehearsals).

Then it’s time for you to apply to be a part of the TRY quest.  

Deadline: May 25th, 2024 at midnight. 

Selection will be conducted by an international team of artists and based on the principles of diversity and equality. 15 selected applicants in each country will be informed by email.  However,  the candidates who are not selected will be given a chance to participate in the project in a different way. 

TRY project is realized by 5 organizations (Eho animato, Peripetija Production, ArtCanActTri grošaViceVersa), supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. For further information or questions you might have, please contact

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