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No Norms,

                 No Rules 


Concept and Director:

Nina Nikolikj


Nina Dean

Simona Spirovska

Biljana Jovanovska

Aleksandra Kochovska

Tina Trpkoska


Ruse Arsov

Emilija Chochkova


Vasko Srafimov

Costum Designer:

Dragana Lukan


Filip Nikolovski, Goran Arsov

The three young actresses from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje - Simona Spirovska, Nina Dean and Biljana Jovanovska; Aleksandra Kochovska graduated from Salzburg experimental academy of dance and Tina Trpkoska in the role of the narrator - in the choreography  „No Norms No Rules“ speak about the fights, passion, disappointments... 

The spectators have the opportunity to recognize their personal stories in the choreography. We all see differently. The performance is also dynamic because he performers  constantly rotate through the spaces. Some of the choreographies are repeated, and some are shown only once. The narrative line is the same regardless the room from which the performance is viewed, but the aspect is different. "No Norms No Rules" is a drama that can be watched more than once, and always differently.

Фестивали и турнеи: 
12.04.2010 – Танц фест Скопје

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