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Eurydice @Nina Nikolikj



Nina Nikolikj



Sarah Ruhl



Dragana Lukan Nikoloski


Cast list:

Maja Veljkovikj – Panovska

Dime Iliev

Igor Angjelov

Filip Trajkovikj

Sofija Kunovska

Biljana Dragichevikj – Projkovska

Trajanka Ilieva

Sonja Stamboldzioska

Nina Dean


Costume Designer:

Ivana Karanfilovska


Set Designer:

Kostantin Trpenoski



Nina Dean


Lighting Designer:

Petar Kochishki


Poster Designer:

Ruse Arsov                                                                                


Aleksandar Pejovski



Tina Trpkoska

Premiere 23 May, 2012

Drama Theatre Skopje

The performance "Eurydice", based on the eponymous play by Sarah Ruhl, is a fresh and different view of the myth of the greatest love of all time. The play poses crucial questions about love, time, life and death. In the story, Ruhlguides us effortlessly through the spiral path of endless intertwining of our lives, our memories and love which no death can destroy.

The play reminds us of the ways all the people who have been part of our lives have made an impact on us, and of the impact that we have made on other people's lives;it reminds us of our recollections, our conscious and unconscious memory, of the fact that nothing can be forgotten - it’s just that some things require more time for us to find them deep down within ourselves; and it reminds us that anything which has touched us in any way, stays with us until the end of time.


“A love anti-fairy tale unfolds/is seen on stage in which the myth is deconstructed, and the actors are focused on feelings with a broader meaning. In the speech, silence, movements, dance, verses, and music lie the truths about life/love/loving.”

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