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Enes Salkovic as Othello and Darja Rizova as Desdemona


Nina Nikolikj


William Shakespeare


Tamara Barackov

Translators: Maja Trajanoska Ivanovska &

Zina Agić

Cast List:

Enes Salković

Saša Handžić

Darja Rizova

Gjorgji Jolevski

Zlatan Školjić

Aleksandar Gjorgjieski

Dženana Džanić

Tamara Miličević - Stilić

Aleksandar Mihajlovski

Aksel Mehmed

Set Designer: Višnja Vujović

Costume Designer:

Ivana Karanfilovska Ugurovska


Stage Movement:

Dimitrios Sotiriou


Lighting Designer:

Chris Jaeger


Duke Bojadziev


Poster Designer:

Nika Gavrovska

Stage Manager: 

Igda Jarić

Assitant Lighting Designer: 

Igor Mitrevski

Premiere 16 November 2019 BNP Zenica &

04.12.2019 Macedonian National Theatre Skopje

Duration: 120 min

OTHELLO – The Playwright’s Word:

One of the motives we wanted to explore in approaching the Othello drama was the extent to which the transformation of language and "translation" into contemporary speech affects Shakespeare's original manuscript, the issues he explores and problematizes. The language has become stripped-down, direct, and devoid of poeticism, except in Othello's case where his way of speaking is another distinction and detail that sets this character apart from the rest. Also, language is the subject of our research on another level:

The fact that Bosnian and Macedonian actors play in their mother tongues gives another dimension to the concept of playfulness with speech, their interrelationship, communication and understanding.

Iago in this play is not the embodiment of universal evil, but a man with weaknesses, who is unhappy and insecure and who may not even be aware that one trap and some wickedness which he makes out of revenge will trigger a chain of bloody, tragic events. In that sense, we did not want Othello himself to be exonerated from the blame and responsibility for the murder, nor to attribute his acts and conduct to the consequences of Jag's network of intrigues and lies. Through the story of jealousy and fear of infidelity the attitude towards women in today's traditional patriarchal society is also problematized.

Tours & festivals

13.01.2020 - Narodno Pozoriste Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

29.06.2021 - Skopje Summer Festival, Skopje, Macedonia

17.08.2021 - International Festival of Antique Drama STOBI, Veles, Macedonia

Private confessions
I kissed you before I killed you.
Now, killing myself, I’m dying while I kiss you again
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