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The Powder Keg @Nina Nikolikj


Powder Keg is still leading us in the search for answers, looking for courage to finally see our self, as in a magical mirror.


Nina Nikolikj



Dejan Dukovski



Dragana Lukan Nikoloski


Cast List:

Saša Handžić

Muhamed Bahonjić

Enes Salković

Miroljub Mijatović

Zlatan Školjić

Nusmir Muharemović

Anđela Ilić

Sabina Kulenović

Dženana Džanić

Kemal Rizvanović

Adis Mehanović


Costume Designer:

Lejla Hodžić


Set Designer:

Vedran Hrustanović


Igor Kasapović


Video and Photography:

Petar Kochiski


Poster Designer:

Dimitar Dimitrov


Premiere 21 September 2018

in Bosnian National Theatre (Big Stage)

Duration: 95min

Although more than twenty-five years have elapsed since it was written and premiered, the dramatic text by Dejan Dukovski is also in line with the present time. The focus of the text and, of course, our performance, are the current themes of the harsh everyday life of people living on "this place." The play "speaks" about brutal violence, an agony that persists and slowly turns into a "black hole" and sucks in even those who believe that they are strong enough to resist it. The performance, at the same time, reminds us that it is not important who started it, but that we need a hero who will break this spiral of violence.

Private confessions

Festivals & tours

27.09.2018 - International Theatre Festival MOT, Skopje, Macedonia

29.09.2018 - National Theatre Bitola, Bitola, Macedonia

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