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It Won't Be the End of the World

A performance dealing with the breakdown of intimate worlds. Gathered under the roof of the house, where the destruction of their common, family world happened, the three characters of the play, reveal their individual breakdowns to each other.

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The fact that Macedonian and Bosnian actors play in their mother tongues gives a special dimension to the concept in terms of the game of speech, the interrelationship between related languages ​​and the communication on stage that makes this play exciting and attractive to watch

The Seagull

The spirits of the theater woke up. Monday, evening rehearsal. Suddenly the air on the stage is shaking. The spirits of the theater woke up. Monday, evening rehearsal. Suddenly the air on the stage is shaking.

Powder Keg

The play "Powder Keg", directed by Nina Nikolic, after the play of the same name by Dejan Dukovski, today, 25 years after the premiere of the play, still talks about current topics present in the daily lives of people living in "these areas".

Belgrade Trilogy

"Belgrade Trilogy" - a play about the reasons for leaving one's own country, but also about the reality that a person faces outside of it.

Private Confessions

The main character in the story, Anna Bergman, is faced with her own choices and decisions, with the consequences of a difficult marriage, full of difficulties, violence, guilt and suffering. Thus, the image of a traditional community is a confrontation with one's own history, past and identity.

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Mad Forest

Each culture has its own predominant historical events, which in themselves are so dramatic that the theater takes them so ready and can use them as the basic material for building the plot. One of those great, key historical events is the Romanian Revolution of 1989 - taken as the main theme of British actress Cyril Churchill's play Mad Forest.


The play raises crucial questions about love, time, life and death. In this story, Rull easily guides us through the spiral path of endless intertwining of our lives, our memories and the love that no death can kill.

The Pelican


Sex Lies and wild whores

The focus of the play is that what is said (infidelity, insult, revealed lie, etc.) cannot be erased and forgotten. Most of the things that have had any effect on our emotional intelligence (whether they have caused happiness or sadness) cannot be undone in any way and affect the relationship with and to the person who made them.

Pinokio and Red Riding Hood


Trembling tells the story of one of the most beautiful female documentaries in the world of theater, through which the audience sees a number of events unknown to her from Chekhov's life and from the time he created them.

Fool for Love


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No norms, no rules


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